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EZcosplay question

I'm sorry if this doesn't exactly belong here, but I didn't know where else to put it > .<

I know EZcosplay has tons of mixed reviews and I took my chances with them and placed an order for a cosplay on April 30th, which was a few weeks ago. I had to give them custom measurements because I really needed this cosplay to fit me to a certain degree.

Anyways, it's been 15 days since my payment went out and I read that their tailoring period is around 7-12 days. So, 15 days passed and I haven't gotten a tracking number for my package yet. I did send them an email a few days ago asking about the status of my cosplay and they replied back saying that things were slow and that they would try to get it out as soon as possible. Then they asked when I needed it by and I told them by the end of May preferably. Honestly, I only really need it by Anime Expo, which is in July, but I felt like if I told them that, they'd put off my order until then LOL.

So yeah, sorry for rambling, but my main question is did any of you guys order a custom size from them and did it take this long? Another cosplayer I asked said that her cosplay came to her in under two weeks. I don't know if she bought a premade size, but mine looks like it'll take more than two weeks just to get it made. ):

My cosplay is not a custom commissioned cosplay. It's a cosplay from their catalog >

I feel like I'm overreacting because I'm so pressed for time right now > .< Normally I'd place an order for a cosplay and then wait because I did things advance, but this cosplay was sort of a last minute decision. I did send them another email a few hours ago and I'm waiting for a response. Am I being too pushy? Because 15 days seems much too long > .<
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