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Name: Clockwork Firebird, Ephyn.
Character commissioned: Fili (Full Costume and Prop)
Series: The Hobbit.
Links to pictures of your commissioned item:
Timeline: Three months-Four Months.

Describe your Experience: Very professional and very organized. This is one of the fastest commissions and one of the most organized commissioners I've ever worked with. She was incredibly quick in her replies (It wouldn't go over two days after I had sent an e-mail and I would already have a reply in my inbox.) and also very precise in the descriptions of how the process was going to be like and what fabrics she recommended. Her knowledge on the matter is astounding and on the craft impressive. Clockwork Firebird gave me a contract once we initially begun the project and she covered everything from the fabrics, to the cost, to the time it would take her to make the costume. She worked hard and continuously on the commission and shipped out right on time. She provided me with a Tracking Number. I received the commission in a secured package and I have to say that it looks AMAZING in person! I love it, the material is beautiful and the quality is impressive! I highly, HIGHLY, recommend her for anyone seeking a professional commissioner.

Pros: Replies quickly, I didn't have to wait more than two days for her to reply.
Has two measuring charts.
Considers your budget.
Has a Dropbox gallery that updates regularly.
Explains in detail what she will do and divides each item with an explanation and name in the pictures.
Explains to you what she will do and how it will be made. (Tells you which fabric she will use and suggests fabrics to you.)
Incredibly Professional. (Provides you with a Contract document and has her own Measurement Chart.)
Has a high knowledge of fabrics, props, materials.

Cons: 0, NONE

Final Grade: A+++++

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