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Ds! Orange and Black bodypaints

Hello! I am new on the Marketplace and I am in need of ridding of some Snazaroo tins I haven't used.

Item: Two orange Snazaroo tins and one black Snazaroo tin.
Condition: New! Only been taken out of packages and never used.
Reason to sell: I was going to use it for Tigra from Marvel comics, but I lost interest. Snazaroo is a great body paint and I had no problem using it in the past. Washable as well and will not crack when applied on for hours. '


Price: All Three for $11! $4.50 each. I want these guys out of here!

If you have any questions, PM me here or my tumblr whatawalrus
Bye Buddy. Hope you find your dad."
"Thanks Mr. Narwhal."

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