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I feel like all I do is bitch about Meg's sister in this thread, but I don't have anywhere else to whine, so...

Monday: we were playing Glee Karaoke and drinking, celebrating Meg's birthday/last day of finals. One of the songs is Total Eclipse of the Heart. Meg and I were going to duet it, and her sister got pissy because she wanted to sing with meg. Which she did get to do, just after me because I already had a mic in my hand.
She was then out right mean to me a few times whenever meg left the room until our friend told her to knock it off and Meg made her apologize.
She told me I wasn't invited to the party, (I LIVE THERE) That I took up too much if her sisters time (the real core of the problem - meg spends time with me. She's jealous) and she hates when she walks out of her room and sees us hugging, kissing, cuddling and so on. Mind you, she has never seen us like having sex on the couch or anything. Just cuddling.

Tuesday: we went to a Asian restaurant for dinner and birthday sake bombs. I was doomed to be DD because its Meg's birthday thing and her sister refused. I had a glass of plum wine and the sake bomb. The food was delicious, the waitress was terrible. As we were leaving, friends said something about going to club to do karaoke. Meg and I didn't want to go, sister did. I told her she could drive herself.

She literally STOMPED HER FOOT and pouted at me. We left the restaurant, and went home. She spent the whole ride home complaining because we wanted to go home. We didn't sleep much the night before or the night before that. We were exhausted.
We get home, she stomped around the kitchen, and then leaves.
We curl up on the couch and watched extreme couponing. She comes back a little while later, I guess karaoke didn't happen. She then yelled at us because we never watch what she wants to watch. We invite her to watch tv with us, let her know if we're about to watch something she likes, ask her if she wants to pick stuff. But apparently because I sit in the living room when Meghan isn't home (not always watching anything, sometimes just reading. And again, if she wanted to watch something all she has to do is say so. As I have told her) I have taken over the entire apartment.

Is it June yet?
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