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Great to see somebody starting up the Hetalia gathering for AM2 this year!
If you need anybody for the Hetaila Panel/Cosplay Dating Game, I'd love to participate as either China or Austria~

For the Hetalia gathering, I may cosplay as Austria this year~ (unless I change my mind when the time comes near)

BTW, last year (AM2 2012), there were actually 2 Hetalia gatherings held on separate days: Day 2, June 16 and Day 3, June 17. Do you think it's possible to hold 2 gatherings again?

I'm not quite sure why there were 2 separate gatherings, since clearly Day 2 had a larger group than Day 3, but the gatherings themselves were still small in scale--I don't see why they had to be separated, in terms of group size, though I understand that some people can't make it on certain days...[Reference:]
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