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Anyone with 3 (or 4) day passes looking to share there NYCC experience? Lots of room still in my hotel! We can stay up giggling and share our panel stories .

My Shaak TI headpiece has hit a snag. I have taken a part time job in addition to my regular one so I can afford all the trips I want to take this year (besides NYCC, I am spending a week in Destin, FL for my friend's 40th b-day; he's never seen the ocean before ), so finding time that is also cat free (don't want my poor cat to get into the insulation!) is hard to come by. The day I was going to start carving (I had just gotten a dust mask b/c I have no clue where my respirator is), they asked me to start my first day. I also can't go to any theme parks b/c I am working every Saturday now (my friends wanted me to go to Dollywood with them for free, but I am working now. I've never been ). To afford everything, and make up some money to pay friends I owe back, it will take me until October @_@. Booooooo. Going to try to fit in some carving time tomorrow before my 11pm volleyball game (I am very, very bad at it, but it is fun), since I don't have my part time job then.


Anyway, did any of you guys pick up a 3 day pass today? I am really curious as to how fast they will sell out this year.
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