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Oh man how did I miss this thread?! During my workouts I've been making a list in my head of all the 'skimpy cosplays I'd never dare to do once I'm at my ideal weight'
Note: I say skimpy because I'm normally pretty darn covered.

Anyway I've jumped on the bandwagon for Insanity, its hard but I usually feel much better for doing it. With a lot of stress and depression I put on some weight and I was originally much thinner but didnt even realise that I could have pulled it off then. I now have the guts to do this and I want to give something back to myself after years of thinking of others and letting myself deteriorate this way. I realised that this state is not permanent and totally fixable. So by Christmas of this year I want to be able to say 'I am proud of my body, enough to say I can wear what I want'. I wouldnt even care if I got negative attention or too much attention for what I wore (within reason). Because right now, I honestly can't stand to look at myself and I refuse to bury my head in the sand.

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