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Name of Commissioner: BlackMoon Cosplay/ AkaneSaotome
Website/ gallery: and
Character commissioned and series/video game: Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon Wig
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline (how long your order took to process): August 1st- first contacted Akane about a wig comission and discussed details.
January 5th- began talking again, more in depth and officially put in my order.
January 7th- began discussing payment plans.
January 26th- sent the payment for the wig.
March 14th- Akane recieved the base wig
March 20th- recieved the first pictures of the wig for approval.
March 30th- recieved 2nd picture for placement approval.
April 3rd- recieved picture of wig drying after having the pigtails straightened with hot water.
April 23rd- recieved picture for final placement approval.
April 25th- recieved a picture of the first almost complete bun.
May 3rd- recieved pictures of the finished wig.
May 4th- wig was shipped.
May 6th- wig was recieved.

Describe your Experience: i was looking for a wig for my manga Princess Serenity cosplay. unfortunately, i was very critical of all the wigs i saw. you know, too yellow, lousy bangs, bad buns, thin pigtails. but when i saw the pictures for Akane's wigs, i loved it! it rubbed me all the right ways.^^ i immediately contacted her, and she was extremely nice and very detailed. she was completely willing to discuss anything and everything i could have thought of.
she did warn me ahead of time that my wig would take a long time to ship, but considering that was the only color we could find that i liked, it was worth the waiting. i did have some problems with a lack of communication, but this was easily fixed after a few frank heart to heart talks. she apologized whenever i would become more aggrivated and actively said something about it. otherwise she was patient, and made sure i was okay with everything and got my approval on everything she did. in the beginning, she even offered me longer pigtails for an extra cost if i desired.

Pros- very detail orientated, kind, patient and hard working. does her best to make sure you're happy with what work she is doing and that you love every aspect. very reasonable price and is willing to work with you or compromise if nothing else.

Cons- tends to lapse in communication and sometimes doesn't do something when she says she will, such as when she says she'll send you a picture. also leaves something to be desired in her update schedule, so you have to constantly keep on her to know what's going on.

Comments- i would go with Akane if i had plenty of time. i'm not sure about if you need something rushed, i wouldn't really risk it. no fault in her skills, just her communication. if she improved on this, i would gladly comission her again as her prices are reasonable and her work beautiful. be careful if you are a very anxious or worrying cosplayer, as the lapses in communication will result in a few panic attacks, which i did get about 2 or 3 times. i am disappointed it took an extra month for her to make the wig, as i would have much prefered to have gotten it sometime in April, instead of May.

Final Grade: B
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
Name of Commissioner: MyKaios/ Fate Cosplay
Website/ gallery:!/Fate.cosplay
Character commissioned and series/video game: Manga princess Serenity, dress and sleeves
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.n...95092313_n.jpg
Timeline (how long your order took to process): August 4th- sent an email with a description of the dress and measurements and she gave me a quote quickly for the price.
August 5th- we began looking at pictures of other peoples cosplays to get an idea of exactly what i wanted.
November 14th- she had to update the quote price, because now she was learning the full extent of what my dress would require, in fabric and skills and time.
November 16th- sent the first payment installment.
April 5th- sent the final payment installment
April 19th- recieved pictures of the pearls and beads for the bodice, also fabrics for the dress
April 23rd- recieved pictures of fabric for the bow, and trims she had gotten.
May 14th and 15th- recieved pictures of the bead work on the bodice. also recieved full shot of the finished(?) product.
May 20th- discovered the package was on her front porch and had never been picked up. sent 60 dollars more for express shipping
May 22nd- dress finally arrived.

Describe your Experience: I have always wanted to cosplay as Princess Serenity since childhood, and i knew it would be quite an experience. i had posted a thread saying i was looking to comission someone, after my first choice did not respond to my inquiries. She showed me pictures of her previous comissions and it was her Sesshomaru costume that impressed me with the detail and accuracy.
She is extremely nice, and she made this entire experience rather easy if sometimes stressful. she's very patient, detail orientated and honest. she was very quick to respond to any email i sent, and really helped me figure out what i wanted and had no problem explaining things to me. i wasn't the easier cosplayer to deal with and tended to change my mind a lot, or experience a LOT of indecisiveness, but she never skipped a beat! she helped me figure out what would look best for the dress, such as how much fabric would pool on the ground.

Pros- extremely patient, very professional and detail orientated as other reviews have said. also very creative! she's fair in her pricing, and tells it to you straight, breaking up how much money for what, like how much for each fabric and knicknacks, and how much for her time and shipping. she's willing to explain anything you need more detail on. no complaints at all about communication, she is very fast in her responses!

Cons- i guess probably she could use some improvement in time management, and keeping up with updates, and posting pictures. i do wish i had gotten more pictures of her progress.

Comments- i would definitely recommend her for anyone who is a stressful cosplayer or needs a complicated cosplay to be accurate. she is very good at laying your fears to rest! and i was glad at how much she was willing to go into details to get the effects i wanted, like the gold fading to white on the rings lining the top of the bodice. i certainly look forward to comissioning her again in the future, though for a hopefully less expensive costume than this one was! XD

also, i had to knock her down from an A to a B, because she said she would have it shipped to me by the 14th, and ended up having to ship it to my address i'm staying at for the convention, which was extremely disappointing. so she definitely has some time management issues to work out, which she acknowledges at least! also, i was displeased all the layers of the skirt were not the same lenth, though i'm not sure if that's my fault or not.

Final Grade: D

EDIT: i changed her rating from a B to a D because while the dress was gorgeous, it had so many problems! the zipper was a two man job just to get it on, after one day many of the beads in the rings were hanging limply because they had been glued. the corset boning in the dress was extremely painful, and the marks left in my torso after the first day were extremely red! i was a little surprised i was bleeding. not to mention the dress did NOT include the sleeves, which were delivered at the end of the first day of the convention. and the sleeves were an atrocity! i had asked for relatively simple sleeves, and would have been happy with a spiral rose design in the front and back, with elastic to keep it on my arms. i ended up getting TUBES. she also told me she would refund me for the extra i had to pay on shipping, which i never saw a cent of. i also ended up having to stitch every pearl for the rings on the bust with thread myself to prevent them from popping again.

i'm really of the opinion i would much prefer not to deal with this comissioner again because of all the hassle i had with her. which she is wonderful to work with, she needs to get her act together and stop over promising! i'm lucky i got the dress itself before the convention, but i'm really extremely unhappy! if you want to comission her, set a deadline far in advance of when you actually need it!

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