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Blargh, the body shaming again. People who say things like that about anyone else's body -- whether they're overtly negative or superficially positive (like "too sexy") -- have got some serious issues. They're either jealous and trying to keep you away so that they can be the star, or if it's someone you don't even know in real life they just habitually barf their opinions at other people because it makes them feel important. Ignore 'em.

It makes me laugh in the context of lolita, because if I understand correctly, lolita is about women deliberately (temporarily) rejecting grownup sexiness in favour of a moment of cute innocence. Limiting it to people whose bodies are less well-endowed seems to throw the whole purpose of it out the window. (And it implies that more well-endowed bodies are "more womanly" than other women's bodies of the same age, which is patently false and insulting in several directions at once.)
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