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I'm upset that my cousin still has the ability to make me have low self-esteem whenever I'm around her. She's been a size 0-2 her whole life. I've always been a good, average weight with minimal pudge until I hit depression when my dad died and I gained a bunch of weight. I'm now smaller than I've been in years and almost smaller than what I was freshman year of high school, but none of that registered with her.

She asks me what piercings I want for my birthday and I tell her my belly button and industrial. She then spends the rest of the conversation looking at my stomach repeatedly, becoming iffy on taking me, and then tries to tell me over and over again that I'd look cuter and better with an industrial.
Screw you. I've worked hard to get where I'm at and I want my belly button pierced. Now I just want to get both of them done without her paying. I didn't even want to spend part of my birthday with her from the start anyway, I've never liked hanging out with her.
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