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Name of Commissioner: Antiquity-Dreams


Character Commissioned/Series: Tony Stark (USO Uniform Fan-art)

Link to Pictures of Commissioned Item: http://antiquity-dreams.deviantart.c...357695936?hf=1

Timeline: contacted them in early December for the commission and started once I sent the first payment in January. The deadline was March, and only took a few days/week after I just realized I never gave her an exact date in March.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
The commissioner was an idol of mine in my beginning years of cosplay so it was amazing to get the chance to get something made by her and she was very willing to do the commission as she loved the idea immediately. I didn't have the money at the time in the card, so I had to wait until early January to get some after having difficulty with a company. (Never try putting your money in a 'MoneyPak' card since they're horrible when dealt with in Paypal!)

With my deadline being March, I patiently wait for my cosplay, and it isn't until the middle of February I realize that I forgot to specify a date. So I have to contact her, and she is fine with it, telling me it's alright and she'll finish it before the main deadline (which was the 15th) and sends me the picture. It's perfect, and even better since it's there earlier than I thought It'd get to me. Even better? It fits, and ACTUALLY got to me compared to another cosplay. I'm waiting just a little longer though til I even try making a review on it though.

Final Grade: A+


Name of Commissioner: Chibi-Chi Suits (Nancy)
Website/ gallery:!__commissions
Character commissioned and series/video game: Goldie Foxx from Studio Killers (fur-head/tail) hWUnrwjEclIixgj1z8v2A
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.n...51776908_n.jpg
Timeline: contacted them I believe in December and it officially ended in late March.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: This is definitely a challenge for me since this was a partial fursuit and I've never worn such a "hot" costume. I still haven't since it'll be for the con next week. But the experience definitely was interesting to say the least as she went ahead and would not stop asking me every detail of what I wanted. We contacted each other via her facebook, and she was amazing as she wouldn't work on anything until she got all the details covered like having me join her in finding the best fur. She also promised me progress shots and she did not disappoint as she'd send me them with every big detail added.

Besides that, there was one problem and that was not being able to finish it on time for the convention. At least not the head. She told me she'd work on it after the con, so I asked her if she could at least do the tail and give me that at the con. The immediate answer was yes, and we met Saturday of the con to get the tail and...GOD that tail was huge. It made me happy she didn't finish it all on time or else I'd have to carry both.

You have no idea how many people asked about that tail. These two guys even walked up to me and asked me where I got the tail from since they're interested in fur-suiting and I pointed them in her direction.

After the convention, I didn't hear from her for a while til she finished the head and sent pictures of it before she finally sent me the package. Now, for the little details of the items...they're extremely soft. So soft, I could imagine people non-stop trying to touch it. On another good note, this is a multi-use head as it can be used for my cosplay, or my own Fursona character.

The only con? It's not exactly what I thought. I thought it'd be a little bit more like the character's head but I shrugged it off after a while and thought it's probably for the best since I could use it for multiple purposes now.

Final Grade: B+
Convention List:
-Metrocon 2016
-AWA 2016
-Holiday Matsuri 2016
Cosplay List:
-Joker (Alice in the Country of Hearts)
-Klaus (Story of Seasons)
-Madoka (Madoka Magica)

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