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Don't listen to people trying to body shame you! If anyone thinks they can judge you based on your body, they're just being silly! It doesn't matter if you're fat, thin, tall, short, disabled, able, male, female etc. just wear what you want! If people try to force their opinions of what they think of you on you, don't listen. They need to learn to respect people. Don't let anyone else's opinion of your body affect what you wear, or how you see yourself, and feel about yourself.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the clothes you like, they don't have to be 'flattering', and you don't need anyone else's approval, just wear what you want. Seriously.
If someone tells you 'your breasts are too big for lolita', they're probably just trying to annoy you, or put you down, or maybe they're just jealous of all your pretty clothes. Either way, I wouldn't listen to that person. I'm sure you look great, no matter what you wear. As long as you're happy, go for it!
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