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Name of Commissioner: Hugginsseller / Chergnomebyl
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) Prop: Mariska’s Sitar from Lollipop Chainsaw
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item
Timeline (how long your order took to process)
Around 8th January until 20th May (Update: Prop received on 7th June)
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

Things were alright in the beginning I guess, she was nice and perky, answered pretty quickly about quotes and such, and we chatted about other stuff now and then.

She calculated that it would take around 2 weeks, but seeing that there were quite a bit of details to be painted and the fact that she had quite a few rush commissions to work on, it took longer, so I didn’t mind really (Seeing that I gave a pretty far deadline)… and just waited.

I suppose I am just anal with details, so when it wasn’t up to par with what I expected upon receiving the first photo of the finished product (Especially after giving a few more months, the colors, painted shapes, and layout of the details were a tad off to me and could be better), I was pretty sad that she wouldn’t give me a slightly lower price (As in the quote she gave me was $250 and up plus shipping, so I was hoping we could at least just stick to $250 instead of making it higher than it already was) even though I wasn’t all that satisfied with it.

She didn't sound all that happy when I asked to have the painted details redone then (Her responses suddenly became serious once I voiced my dislike, and honestly sounded cold, annoyed and blunt, even when we were trying to work things out.), and despite saying that yeah she could do it after she got all her other commissions done (I don’t think that was really fair, having my prop thrown all the way to the back again instead of being finished up first)… I decided to cancel that request.

I feared that it would probably take too long (Especially since it took nearly four months to have it completed in the beginning), I was really worried it would take half a year to get that done, so I just requested to have it sent over after a few more details were added and the shipping costs were estimated.

Waiting for about a month to receive a shipping quite, the cheapest shipping price apparently around $800. During that short time I tried, I really tried figuring it out if there was some cheaper way to get it shipped over… but no, and adding that to the remainder payment was going to be $1000.

Thinking I could not receive my prop then, I had to let her sell it off (After trying to ask a few more times if there was any other option, it really didn't seem like she was bothering anymore after awhile and wasn't being all that helpful), and I couldn’t get my deposit back either… and so I thought that was the end of that.

Having discussed it with my friend who is an experienced prop commissioner, this was not fair, big props should have been planned in advance for cheaper shipping (Eg, Built in parts that can be shipped off separately), especially when shipping them overseas too, if she constantly states how she wants to use light materials for cheaper shipping, shouldn’t she take this into account too?

EDIT: Minor edits made to previous part of review and additional information added.

It was around the next day or so that I suddenly received an email from her that she had actually found another shipping service that would cost around $300 (Which was definitely a lot fairer), so I went for it and just waited to hear when she had it sent off.

The item arrived on the 7th of June (Which is really fast, a week!), the bad thing was that several of the strings came off, but I think I can easily fix that.

It would be great if she gave some progress shots if she ever takes up commissions for stuff with lots of painted details (Really intricate stuff) in the future.

I became more and more reluctant in contacting her near the end (I had to know though, I had to ask her seeing that she never bothers to send me emails on her own (Except for two instances) about any progress whatsoever, I just really wanted to get it done and over with instead of prolonging it.)…

Overall, things were pretty unpleasant in the middle but things were alright near the end.

I hope she will continue to prosper on her future projects with others though.

Final Grade: B-

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