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Captain Jack Sparrow Update

I haven't posted here in a while and thought I'd update with some new photos I got taken of me while I was at college. These photos were taken by MarmaladeSkyGirl45 Photography

I have a couple of things to mention here before I let you guys have at it:
1). It has been brought to my attention on a couple of occasions that I seem to be lacking in the eyebrow area, which is something I had overlooked since my Bandana usually sits low enough so that my eyebrows aren't very visible. In these photos though, unfortunately, it is not sitting on my head properly :'(
2). I am missing Jack Sparrow's bead strand because I had lost it the day before these photos were taken. I have considered photoshopping one in, but it's not really worth it since most people don't notice (or at least I don't think they notice)
3). That little blue thing hanging from my belt is not screen accurate, I just added that because my friend gave it to me and I needed something extra there since my chicken foot broke (still need to replace that)
4). My costume looks really clean :-P It looks much dirtier in person but I guess I should have done more weathering on it so that the weathering shows up in the photos. I am just so afraid to mess things up so I am very hesitant to heavily weather my costume.

Other than that, you guys can have at it and critique away. Mostly I am looking for posing suggestions as I seem to always have trouble posing as Jack Sparrow, even though I know the character really well, I always seem to fall into the same poses/can't pose creatively. The poses in the photos below are ones I liked and wanted to try and replicate.They are from some of the promo images of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Also any tips you guys have on costume weathering, tea staining, adding dirt etc would be really helpful.

Pose from one of the On Stranger Tides promo images.

Haha this one is my forum avatar. Original pose is from a Curse of the Black Pearl promo image.

The original pose can be seen Here

This one shows my costume pretty well. Since the last time I posted I have done small updates... changed out the Anna Maria belt so that the buckle and belt is accurate to At World's End, bought a new ring from ACME Brand replicas, got a modified compass, bought a more screen accurate shirt, got my sword modified, replaced the buttons on my vest with more accurate silver smith-like buttons (exact same design, made of plastic though, these will be replaced soon along with my waistcoat), and learned to tie my sash better lol After these photos were taken I also upgraded my baldric (bought one from ACME Brand replicas). I will probably update this thread once I update totally to OST.

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