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Rise of the Guardians (ROTG) 2013

As the Boogeyman I don't mind gathering up the Guardians again for a little fun

I would be happy to be the organizer of the Rise of the Guardians gatherings at Animenext! I am placing events at these places and times! May be subject to change but I'll be sure they are finalized by least a week before.

Photoshoot - The Red Dock - 7:00 pm

Note I won't be in ROTG costume this day (Wearing Pitch two days in a row eerrggggg) but I can still organize it and if anything can hand things off to an experienced friend if I can't stay! I just wanted more options for all of you.


Photoshoot - The Red Dock - 5:00 pm
(Rain location is inside the main con center if it rains)

PJ Party (Cosplay optional!) - Doubletree Hotel Lobby - 10:30pm

For the casual PJ party - bring your drawing pad, snacks, pillow, whatever you like! Cosplay optional, or partial/'cozy' versions of your cosplay even better! For the Photoshoots, come to take photos or cosplay as your Guardian of choice!

I changed the PJ party day and time as the Burlesque show is Friday and I might wanna see that myself

Hope to see you there!
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