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Roomie needed for Kumoricon

Hello, we are in search of ONE roomie for the Red Lion hotel where Kumoricon is taking place. We have booked: Fri (8/30)-Mon (9/2). We are in the Red Lion Hotel.
Your room share will be: $91.75 for the whole stay. If you want (and I would rather do this) we can exchange numbers over PM and and we can talk a little before con so I can see what you are like. We can talk over PM though if you want, but having numbers would be nice at con so we can get ahold of eachother just in case. I usually try to provide food for everyone in the room. Meaning I bring snacks, I'm not buying you dinner. or someting. I bring things like cereal bars and soda that is for the room.

We have a few rules we would like you to please abide by.
-Please do not bring any drugs or alcohol into the room. This includes pot. I don't care if it's legal, do not bring it to this room.
-If you get drunk outside the room, please do not wake us if you come in late. Also, if you are super wasted, please do not come up to the room. I can not have things get accidentally broken because you were careless. Anything that you break, you WILL pay for out of your pocket, including, but not limited to: our props, hotel room items, ect.
-Please be respectful of our stuff. Meaning, don't just go pick up our cosplay items or take the food that we brought for ourselves. Example: I bring energy drinks, please do not drink them, they are mine.

The roomies may want your number or your username so they can talk to you and make sure you will all get along in the room. By prepared for that.
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