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I might come along~ I usually do at least one Ciel every con but this year I already have tons of cosplays I'm bringing. x.x If I have time, I'll try to pick one out. I'll try to pick one there isn't many duplicates of in the photoshoot so we can have a variety~ cx Picking one is going to be a hassle . . . -literally has 10 different Ciel cosplays/outfits- >>;
Toriel - Undertale
Selkie/Kinu - Fire Emblem Fates/If
Elsa ( Coronation ) - Frozen
Korilakkuma ( Mascot )

Works In Progress

Bride Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening - 50% finished
Elise Fire Embelm: Fates/If - 40% finished
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