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After reading through this thread I noticed a trend. It seems that every year there's a new meme or trend that becomes worn and overdone by the time the year's over, and even carries on into the next year. Like last year, the two overdone jokes were Gangnam Style and the arrow to the knee meme, but I have a funny feeling that Gentleman (Another PSY song) will be the go-to choice for cosplay dancers, outside of the Hare Hare Yukai/Caramelldansen/Vocaloid skits.

As for my personal feelings, chalk me up for the "Inside jokes" crowd. See, I'm not the biggest anime fan, so whenever I see a skit that's intended to be a fandom joke/meme, I just don't get it. It's like if I did an MLP/Brony meme to someone who either despises MLP with the white hot fury of 1,000 suns or someone who has no knowledge of the memes associated with bronies (20% Cooler, Fluttershy's a tree, etc.). They'll feel alienated and confused, just like I do sometimes with these anime skits.

Also poorly acted/choreographed skits/dances. Now I don't mind an overdone song if it is done properly or if there was some genuine effort put on it, but if it's an act with little to no thought put in it, that's a problem. Maybe this is the theater actor/techie in me, or maybe I have a rare strain of OCD involving cosplay, but I'd rather see a well thought out skit to an overdone song than a godawful dance to a new song. However, at least in the latter, there's plenty of room for improvement here. While I'm on the subject, I mean no disrespect to those who are starting out with masquerades or cosplay in general (I myself am a beginner), since getting on stage can be nerve-racking, but as long as you practice, even a beginner can look like a seasoned veteran.

But yeah, just throwing my hat in the ring.
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