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Hi, everyone! I am looking for some fine folks to fill in spaces for a group I'm organizing and I seem to have run out of interested Facebook friends!

Now, this isn't for the parade. I'm not 100% sure what day we're doing this but PROBABLY Sunday night.

So the idea is doing genderswap versions of all 11 doctors. I know it's not the most original idea, but I'm still excited about it! Especially having every single Doctor! Right now, I need takers for Six and Seven...and MAYBE Two, but a friend of a friend is supposed to be contacting me.

Here is a link to the Facebook group. I think it's closed or whatever, but I think you can send a message about joining. Or just reply to me here or PM me with your information and I can add you.

So, again, I really need a Six and Seven. The idea is to stay true to the original design, but give it a cute feminine touch. So it's not like we're just ladies cosplaying as the Doctors, these are our interpretations. For example, I am cosplaying as Ten and will have shorts and high heeled Converse-style sneakers but with the top of the suit and jacket (and glasses because I happen to wear glasses like that) all staying about the same. So it's immediately recognizable, but still slightly different.

Anyone? Someone PLEASE help me out because my Three says she'll only do it if I get all of the Doctors, lol! I'm being blackmailed!


P.S. These aren't going to be scantily clad versions if that's your concern. I mean, I'm not telling people WHAT to do with their designs, because I'm not that controlling, but just know that that's not the purpose.
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