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Welp, I woulda put this in the A-Kon 24 Official Cosplay Contest Rules thread, but it seems it's been pruned! Anyway.....

Now that I've completed the final paperwork for all the Saturday night Cosplay Contest entries, I can announce that we will be taking approximately 36 walk-on signups at the convention itself. Signups for these spaces are on a first come, first served basis and will start at 10 AM Saturday morning in DeSoto A (Cosplay HQ). Please do not form a line before 10 AM. (You may promenade up and down the hallway before 10 AM, but the actual lineup for the spots will be at 10 AM sharp!)

So much to do before the con... my whole Sunday (last day off before con) is going to be nothing but helping my seamstress friend finish costumes. It's going to be a whole day of detailing and glitter bombing. XD

--Elin (A-Kon Cosplay Staff Head)
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