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Originally Posted by MinTako View Post
I just started insanity yesterday as well! :3 I'm really enjoying it so far although its so hard! Its so incredibly hard to push yourself when your feeling completely worn out though I know thats when it really counts. That, and the diet. I'm having troubles not eating too much, I feel so hungry after those work outs xD

Luckily I've got 3 months until the con I have as my goal. I have about the same problem as Zalgo though. I'm somewhat 'underweight' but I'm skinny fat. So I've got the kind of flabby belly going on, which is what I'm working to get rid of. I'll try to keep up to date with my results ~ Good luck to us all
Here's a tip for curbing that after workout hunger. Drink two classes of low fat chocolate milk. You get carbs AND protein to replenish your body. It also cuts down on the feeling of needing food if you wait fifteen minutes.

Then try an apple if you're still hungry.
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