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Originally Posted by ploxerdon View Post
Tried the fit test out yesterday...
I believe i have never ever sweat so much...
Seriously, if it wasn't for cosplay i would have stopped after 5 minutes.
But my goal, looking good for my cosplay, pushed me through.

Today, i tried the Plyometric Cardio Circuit... i couldn't make it.
I had so much pain in my feet halfway through that i couldn't even stand.
Anybody knows what the cause could be?
Or should i just continue?

Also, my weight is 77 kilo, which equals to around 170 pounds.
I am 15 years old.. is this a healthy weight?
I am 1m70, so i don't know...
I guess insanity will fix it if i am overweight or anything
What kind of shoes are you wearing? What surface are you doing it on, and are you sure your form is right? Remember, form OVER speed. 10 reps in proper form is better than 30 reps in poor form.
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