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Originally Posted by limelivi View Post
I need help finding a Lyra wig. I haven't ever commissioned something, so unless one of you want to explain that, that's probably out...
If you'd be ok with sewing two strips of wefts in yourself, I'd suggest getting a Magnum Long (or similar wig) in possibly Aqua or Ice Blue from Arda, and then a pack of white or silver wefts Since Lyra has mostly pale blue hair, which then has a streak of white in the bangs, and another down the side/back, you'll need to add that in. You can find all sorts of wefting tutorials around - I'm about to go through the process for making a short Twilight Sparkle wig.

Alternately, you could start with a white wig, and then color it with sharpie save for the two streaks... but I can tell you, that is a /really/ tedious task.
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