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Name of Commissioner: Destiny's Ending
Gallery/Website: Facebook is the only gallery left, the website, Destiny's was taken down
Name of Cosplay: Final Fantasy IV Rosa Farrell complete package (costume, armor, props)
Pictures: I am currently still working to rectify this...mess so no pictures yet. But something similar to THIS is what was requested:
Timeline: Over a year, with every deadline missed.

Comments: to begin. I commissioned Destiny's Ending in February of 2012 to make me a Rosa Farrell costume with all the trimmings, including props. She gave me a price quote, and I agreed to it promising to make payments since I'm on disability. The first thing that happened is that she only ordered the beads for the costume, or so she claimed, after I made the first payment, stating that she could not afford to do more until more payments were made. I had to wait for my husband to get his raise, so I sent her another small payment. She continued to heckle me for more money until I had paid the ENTIRE amount, not half and half, the WHOLE amount.

When she had the whole amount, communication virtually ceased. I had to spam her inbox to get her to respond at all. Finally, about March, she said the whole thing was causing her 'too much stress' and offered a partial refund. I was afraid I could not commission someone else on such short notice, so I hastened to apologize and make things right. Communication barely resumed, and I received no pictures or WIP. Finally a month from my deadline, she said that she would get it done in time for my convention, and promised pictures.

She finally sent me a picture approximately two weeks before my convention, but the date came and went, and there were no costume pieces, no props and no pictures. I did not manage to get a hold of her again until that fall...when finally I began to request a refund. She then sent out a PARTIAL costume, shoddily put together.
1.) The Bodysuit portion - beautifully beaded on one side, not beaded hardly at all on the other, paint stains, threads and snags all over the back. NONE of the beads are Swarovski, which she had TOLD me was what she was buying.
2.) The Cape - not beaded AT ALL when it had been specifically requested. The shoulder pauldrons do NOT fit, and there were also paint stains on the cape.
3.) The boots - instead of making boot covers for boots I bought, paid for, AND sent to her...she decided to PAINT them without even telling me claiming she ran out of money at the last minute.
4.) Props - there were supposed to be a bow, several non-functional and one functional arrow. There were none. Jewelry that was for the headpiece and gloves looks like it was put together by a two-year-old with puff paint and one single HUGE rhinestone.

My family and I had to scramble to fix all the mistakes... and we're still fixing them. When I tried to contact her threatening a poor review and asking for money back for the poor job, I received no reply. I tried to go to her website to leave feedback, and it had been taken down. I paid $1300 for shoddy work and not at all what I asked for. It has cost me close to $400 so far to try and fix her mistakes. DO NOT commission her under any circumstances.

Final Grade:
F. Just F. Do not approach. Do not commission. Do NOT give her your money, you will not get your money's worth, if you get ANYTHING at all.
Real and True Rosa Farrell

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