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Some of the scheduling seemed wonky this year, I guess they were spreading out events to boost attendance different days but there are some major events like the AMV contest and Cosplay Chess that really should have been on Saturday, not Friday and Sunday. I also had a friend go through a lot of difficulty just trying to submit his AMV contest entry, I guess he waited a few weeks to hear back on if it would even be acceptable to submit and by that time he only had a few days. It would have been nice for him to have a faster turn-around in my opinion!

I also found out that all pro photographers were banned from the con and one of my friends, though he is not a professional photographer, he just has a nice DSLR was asked to leave and told he wasn't allowed back in because his camera looked too professional. That's the biggest freaking joke I've ever heard. One of the largest parts of a con is taking photos, kicking people out for having nice cameras is a great way to ensure they won't return, you shouldn't punish people for having a DSLR instead of a pocket cam. I'm a cosplayer and I have a DSLR.. If a guy wants to pay you $60 for a pass to walk around, spend money on your vendors, dealers, and artists, and take photos, that shouldn't be an issue. It's something to reconsider for future years.

As usual some of the staff was unclear on the rules. I was asked multiple times to check a tiny foam prop that did not need to be peace bound. I eventually just had them put a zip-tie on it so the staff would stop bothering me, though the staff member at the prop check confirmed I did not need it.

I loved the way they did the game rooms this year, I think the division was a smart thing to do and I don't remember the hours from last year exactly, but the late hours are great. It's a good thing to do late at night for those who don't wish to rave.

Whomever was running the mic in the dealers room (at least on Saturday) was awesome. "Marco and Polo have been dead for years, PLEASE STOP." Way to say what we're all thinking while putting a stop to the obnoxious screaming. I wanted to find the guy and shake his hand. Also, did you guys widen the aisles? I felt like they were wider and much more comfortable to navigate!

Also, I love that you guys didn't do the number thing for the cosplay skits. Granted, I wasn't able to attend because I was eating when I realized they'd begun, it was nice to know that I didn't have to go wait in line elsewhere to get a number to wait in line.

I don't think I'll be back next year though, the photographer thing really bugged me, knowing some of my friends can't enjoy the con now, and the schedule was a massive let-down. There is also another con I'd like to attend for the first time that occurs around the same time so that's a budget issue. I'll keep an eye on the con/feedback next year and possibly see you again in 2015.

Overall I still had fun. At the end of the day a con is a con and even with a few kinks in the machine it can still be a good time.
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