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1) What Machine do you own? Include the maker and model number please!
Singer 3116.
2) when did you purchase it/how old is it?
I bought it four years ago, although I only started using it this year, so I suppose you could say it's a slightly older model (don't quote me on that -- I don't know what's 'new' as far as sewing machines go) but it's basically brand new as far as usage goes.
3) How much sewing experience do you have? (how long sewing, how advanced your projects are)
Almost none! I make anything and everything basically just winging it, but I've made dresses, shirts, capes, skirts, cuffs, headbands, coats, etc.
4) what do you like most about the machine?
I like that it's really easy to switch the type of stitching. I've only ever used one other sewing machine before, and that was at the community art centre, where I only needed the basic stitch type, but I've heard that on other machines, switching the type of stitch is a really aggravating matter, and this one just has a dial.
5) what do you not like?
It jams, constantly. I thought initially, well, it's probably me since I'm not an experienced seamstress, but alas, it's not! I searched it and a lot of reviewers say that they've been sewing for a long time and it still jams up on them. It's also very loud and clunky and shakes a bit while you're sewing (also thought it was me, but it's not because everyone has the problem, allegedly.) There's an automatic needle threader, but it's garbage -- doesn't work.
6) Would you recommend your machine to a fellow cosplayer?
Not really. Even the one I used at the community art centre was better than mine, and I'm sure there's ones that don't scare you about what you're doing while you're doing it! -.-"
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