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I was Maya Fey, (wearing a pink yukata and purple overcoat) and for the most part I was with blue-suited Phoenix Wright, so I am looking for photos of him too. We went as this costume pair the entire weekend except on Friday. Thanks in advance!
Selected done:
  • Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager,Mikasa Ackerman (1st Place craftsmanship, Star City Anime 2015)
  • Avatar: LoK: Korra (Best Recreation, Mysticon 2012)
  • Phoenix Wright: Phoenix & Maya Fey (Best in Show runner up, Kinyoobicon 2013)

Working on:
  • Varieties of Sailor Jupiter & Korra
  • Phoenix Wright: DD Phoenix & Athena
  • Pokemon ORAS May & Steven Stone

Id love to collaborate near VA, WV, NC and (NJ, DC & FL)

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