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Name of Commissioner: JDscosplay

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Kid Loki from Journey into Mystery and Young Avengers - headpiece, tunic, gloves and boots

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:


Timeline (how long your order took to process):

My deadline was San Diego Comic Con

Mar 1. I e-mailed Nic asking for a quote.
Mar 2. Nic asked me to clarify which items I needed and my estimated budget. I replied with my estimated budget and that I wanted the tunic, headpiece, gloves and boots.
Mar 3. Nic gave me a price breakdown of all the pieces ($220 for tunic and gloves; $180 for headpiece; $150 for boots - $550 total). I agreed to the price and sent him a 60% deposit upfront. He sends me his measurement sheet once he receives the payment.
Mar 4. I send Nic the measurement sheet.
Mar 17. Nic asks me for my head circumference (the measurement was not listed in the original sheet).
Mar 18. I reply with my head circumference.
Apr 5. Nic sends me a picture of the completed headpiece.
May 3. Nic sends me a picture of the tunic and gloves, and he tells me that the boots will be ready in a week. I requested to have some black dots added to it, and offer to pay extra for the materials and extra labor. He has me clarify what dots I am referring to.
May 4. Nic quotes me to have the dots added to the tunic ($20), and I pay for the dots as well as the second half of the payment.
May 9. Nic lets me know that he added the dots to the tunic.
May 12. I receive a picture of the boots from Nic and I am quoted for shipping. I pay for the shipping the same day.
May 14. According to the USPS website, this is when the day the package was accepted.
May 23. The package arrives, though I technically do not get it until the next day because no one was around to sign for it the first time.


Whenever I e-mailed Nic, I always received a fast response. Usually the same day or the next day.

The cosplay was completed very quickly. I was able to wear it at a different convention so this makes me very happy. ^_^ The gold lining on the tunic is very lovely, and it seems I could wear this on a daily basis if I wanted to. One side of the circular piece is attached with velcro, and you can open this to have access to the zipper. Neat!

Another commissioner had trouble with the gloves fitting her, but the gloves seemed to fit me rather fine. The boots are very durable as well, so you could walk around in these for a very long time if you wanted to.

I had a phone conversation with my mother who told me that maybe I should wear a jacket whenever I'm outside a convention setting so that I wouldn't embarrass her. -_- But she was so excited to take my picture when I actually got it, haha. So, that's something! :-)


The headpiece was beautiful and so solidly constructed, but, unfortunately, it did not fit my head at all. I gave a measurement of 56.5 cm, and I measured the headband of the piece to be approximately 48 cm. If you see the pictures, you could see that it was open in the back, most likely so it could stretch to compensate for a larger head size. However, the material the band was made of was very inflexible so this did not work out.

Even if the headpiece was bigger, it still would probably not fit because the larger issue was its shape: it was completely circular. It seemed to me that the band should have been more of an oval, not a circle (or at least make the band out of something more flexible). I even tried it on a styrofoam head with a slightly smaller head circumference, and the headpiece would not sit on it properly. I ended up having to deconstruct the headpiece to replace the band with something more flexible. The headpiece was $180 by itself, so this was pretty disappointing.

Also, the dots on the gold trim all fell off. :-( Which is a bummer because I paid extra for them.

Despite this, I was overall pleased with how things turned out.


Like some other people have mentioned, he tends not to send progress pictures but only pictures of completed work. Personally, this did not bother me because I feel that commissioners should be given some space to do their work without someone hovering over their shoulder all the time. But others may feel differently on this matter.

He has you pay the Paypal fees (Paypal states that the buyer should not pay the fees). Also, this does not bother me but may be an issue with others.

Also, on the measurement sheet, it does mention to measure with your undergarments. I would say this also includes socks which I did not do. The boots were a tad too snug and this may have been avoided if I measured my feet with my socks on.

Keep in mind that Nic works from China, so, if you live outside of China, your package may have to go a long ways. Fragile things may risk breaking no matter how well it is packed. Part of my headpiece broke in the mail, but he did wrap this piece in a lot of plastic, then wrapped it in the cosplay clothes which was additionally wrapped in bubble wrap. I had such a hard time taking it apart that it made me wonder if the post threw the thing against a brick wall. o_O

Final Grade: B+

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