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Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone got my photo from any of the four days of Fanime!

Character: Urushibara Ruka(ko) from Steins;Gate
Details: Shrine maiden costume with short, wavy hair and a skull hairclip! I was walking around with my Okabe during the afternoon. If you saw us around and took a photo, let me know!

Character: Urushibara Ruka(ko) from Steins;Gate
Details: Same costume from Friday with straighter hair! Still walking around with my Okabe.

Character: Female!Black Tiger (Kotetsu T. Kaburagi) from Tiger & Bunny
Details: Genderbent Kotetsu in a black waistcoat, red dress shirt, and black pants. Spent most the day walking about with my Barnaby (Ourobunny) who was in a matching outfit.

Character: Ib from Ib
Details: Girl wearing a red blouse, red skirt, and black thigh-high socks. I spent a bunch of time sitting on top of my Garry's shoulders, so we were the totem pole that was walking around in the convention center. Let me know if you took our picture!

Will be uploading my own photos soon, and hope everyone's had fun this year! Thank you to anyone who might reply!
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