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Originally Posted by CitrusKnight View Post
@astralrayn - i was following up on that whole issue with the DSLR thing on the Animazement group on Facebook and it actually turns out that some of the staff were just mis-informed and people actually were allowed to have DSLR cameras within the convention. I just feel bad for people who actually left the con before that was all cleared up.

Which really brings me to the fact that I had a major issue with the staff this year. I just feel like a lot of things were handled very rudely and although this isn't going to stop me from going to the convention, it's something that the AZ staff needs to work out and fix.
Then the staff really needs to get their stuff together. That goes back to my point of being bothered repeatedly for a small foam object that a staff member at the prop check confirmed I did NOT need peace bound. If your staff are booting people from the con for the wrong reasons maybe you should re-think your staffing and communication. And how is someone who has been booted from the con for having a DSLR supposed to know the issue has been cleared up when they're not allowed to enter the con where the staff are present? That situation was ridiculous, it's basic communication, it's not that hard. If a staff member is unsure they should ask another member instead of making people leave.
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