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Buyer Beware

Why ask for measurements? I followed their measurement guide and received a costume that just hung on my daughter - no shape or fit. Nothing like the fit portrayed in the picture on their site. And of course, who was "confused" and must have misunderstood? Me, of course. A minimal refund was offered but stay away from this company.
I also pointed out poor construction issues as well, which they did not address. I'll gladly send you pictures if you would like to see this. Though the one star says rude conduct, they were very polite via email. However, they never had any intention of following their own return policy and ultimately acted like I didn't know what "tailor made" meant so it felt like false politeness. Apparently for Hello Cosplay, "tailor made" and "custom made" means that a properly measured 28" inch waist will get you a costume with a 34" waist and if you don't know that or didn't figure that out (because no where is it stated), then you are "confused". According to them, tailor made means "5-15cm" will be added to the submitted measurements so it doesn't fit to tightly? Odd. Though they continue to offer a refund minus shipping and material costs, I cannot trust that will happen if I send the costume back to China. I'll have better luck and more of a refund of my purchase selling it to a local costume retailer. Stay away from these folks and if you do want to try an online costumer, try EBay, where the exact same costume (using the exact picture that Hello Cosplay uses) is offered for $50.00 less. At least if this happens with that retailer, the financial loss won't be so painful.
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