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This was my first Animazement and for the most part I did enjoy it. There were, of course, highlights and lowlights.

Staff: For the most part I had no problems with them. I did find it very silly that they did not allow outside food/drink into the convention. They considered even drinks from the Starbucks at the Marriot that is the connecting hotel as 'outside' drinks. So needless to say, on one occassion I just chugged what I could and left what I couldn't finish over by the trash (which happened to be piled up with drinks from other attendees because of this rule). Then I came to find out it really depended on who was manning the entrance. Which leads to the next issue - staff not being on the same page. I heard of the camera incident, thankfully I personally did not experience this as I have a DSLR myself, with an external flash, multiple lenses, and battery unit which by their definition would be 'professional'.

Guests: What a lineup! AZ, you did well. Especially as a fan of old school, I was delighted at the guest list and had a wonderful time meeting some of them and went home with some fond memories and unforgettable experiences that helped make the trip out there well worth it.

Events: Events ran on time and were for the most part organized. However, it was a bit disappointing to come to find out only the first 100 in line were admitted into the DBZ signing on Sunday morning, though. I saw a lot of very disappointed faces and I was glad I had already gotten Masako Nozawa's on Friday and was only in line to get something else signed from her, but for other fans I can see that that may have been a really big letdown as it was not mentioned previously. Also, I was sad to see that the DIY Photobooth was not open - was this also a result of the banning of DSLR cameras, I wonder?

Food: An abundancy of food! Both in the area and in the facilities. And big thanks to the RCC for allowing dealers to sell snacks, so many convention centers ban it these days.

Costume Contest: Ran very smoothly. Received instructions prior to the event and the judges genuinely were interested in seeing the work. I like that entries are not required to walk on-stage, so it's less hassle, too! I would definitely compete here again.

Attendees: For the most part, well-mannered. I think the worst of it was the person who spilled beer on the floor of one of the elevators in the Marriot Saturday night, causing quite a hazard. I'm sure there are other stories out there, but that was my personal experience of unsavory behavior.

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