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Originally Posted by lithe-fider View Post
It says right in the first thread! Doubletree Hotel Lobby, which is an area on the ground level near the check-in area for that hotel with some couches, you can't miss it. If that area is crowded we can chill in any number of places right around it, so just look for the Pitch in the feather robe hahaha.

I intend to bring Apples to Apples and Pretty Pretty Princess and my drawing pad! And if I remember, some crayons. The party should last at least and hour, maybe 2, depends on how long people wanna hang out. I know I'll be leaving for the rave by 12:30, the Boogeyman has to dance after all!
AHAHA omg let's pretend I totally knew that. Anyhoo -yes, I do know where the lobby is, and I am conveniently staying in that hotel as well. My Jack and I have a photoshoot for a thing that night, but I have no idea when our slotted time is. I should probably find that out >__>

Ohhh Apples to Apples makes me wish I owned Cards Against Humanity to bring, but oh well! I hope there will be a decent turn out of RotG cosplayers though. So far I only know us, and two friends of mine cosplaying Jack. Sadneeeeesssss.
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