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You guys have been such a great help, and I have been doing a lot of research since then! I started to buy my materials, and wanted to make sure this would work out. I bought polystyrene insulation foam board at Lowe's (it was green, i didn't see any blue or pink but i'm pretty sure its the same thing!). I saw this video from xrobots and youtube and wanted to try a method like that for the claws. After more research I have found that the claws I want to make are actually quite flat, and I am no longer going to try to make the individual claws move. Instead I want to figure out a way to make the claw light and flexible enough, since it will go up my entire arm, so that i can bend at my elbow and move the entire arm/claw around instead of the individual "fingers". I am trying to find out what kind of resin I should use, and wondering if i should use the same materials in the video. This was kind of hard to explain, i hope it makes sense!!
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