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Originally Posted by lithe-fider View Post
I myself am in an event around 12:30 so I can't hold it that early :T Also just cause only you and I have been discussing it here doesn't mean we won't have people I spread the word around Tumblr and the AN boards too. The 5pm time was to hope the sun had dipped a little and not be omfg noon day sun hot.

Also I apologize that I can't change the time just for one person especially at a time I won't be present so it'd need a different organizer. If we had other people discussing you'd all be welcome to make an earlier shoot too :'D no reason we can't have more than one.

As of now it's growing so close I wanna just keep these times to not confuse people by changing it.

Ahaha I wasn't saying to change the time for my benefit or anything. Just making a suggestion since you were considering making it earlier. So it's remaining at 5pm, then? I didn't particularly care either way, as long as it was after 12pm cause I'm a punk who takes ages doing make-up, no matter the cosplay xD

Anyhooooo.. less than a week now!!
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