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Reach armor set

Had a decent amount of time to myself over the course of five weeks, and my job has me sitting around for eight hours at a time in a well ventilated area fixing machines that rarely break, so I had a lot of time to power through this. I'd say this has been worked on for about two months, give or take a week or so.

I think other than a few fixes it's about done. There were a few more lights, but we didn't turn them on (one failed, and without the symmetry it looked silly).

It's all pep and fiberglass/rondo, so mobility is practically nothing. Regretting not doing more out of foam, there's a few places that are structurally weak- if I could go back, I would've hardened more with fiberglass as opposed to rondo. This is my second armor set overall.
Since the photos were taken, I took off the annoying shoulder bits- the biceps seem a bit small, but that may just be me. I really don't know.

Photos taken by Nic D'eautremont, Zazza0110 on deviantART
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