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Name of Commissioner: SexualDisgrace


Character commissioned and series/video game : Harvest Goddess from the Harvest Moon series (handheld), dress and wig

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: (lost)

Timeline: three months- paid in end of February for a con at the end of May

Pros: Nice personality, apologetic for problems, fairly cheap

Cons: Bad at staying in touch-goes weeks on end without returning e-mails and only sent photos the weekend before the con

Comments: My costume never arrived! She had three months to make the dress and the wig and in that time never sent any progress updates and rarely responded to my e-mails. I needed it by mid May. I inquired about the costume in late April and she did not respond for almost two weeks, and then in early May went away and ended up in the hospital and could not send the costume. I do not blame her for this- Things do happen- but I paid for a costume I did not receive and still have not received. I discussed a partial refund with her before the con (I only go to 1 con a year and now this dress will sit uselessly in the back of my closet for a year) and she agreed but now almost two weeks after the con she has not responded to my e-mails again and I have no dress and no refund.

Final Grade: D-
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