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Dear Dahlia Designs!

Name of Commissioner: Dear Dahlia Designs/misaloveslight6

Website/ gallery: (CosCom ID: misaloveslight6)

Character commissioned and series/video game: Yuna, Gunner dressphere, Final Fantasy X-2

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Coming soon....let me lose like 10 lbs. ;-P

Timeline: January 2013 - March 2013

Describe your Experience: I have been scammed from someone on CosCom, it being my first time hiring a commissioner (Destiny's Ending...her review is already up -___-) So I was really leery to hire someone else. I saw Martha's ad in the Commissioners for Hire thread, and I did the right thing first: MY RESEARCH. I was happy with what I saw and when I contacted her I was met with a warm sincerity that I could sense even through Messaging. She expressed her excitement to create Yuna, quoted me a great price, and we were on our way.
She kept me informed of when she bough the fabric, and even asked what exactly I wanted the whole way! She offered her great advice (She is a fashion design student, so she knows her stuff!) on fabrics and zippers, clasps and etc. She kept me informed the whole way!!!! And sent progress pictures often when she started!!
She informed me when she was done; the actual creation took 2 months. You heard right. TWO MONTHS! SHE'S AMAZINGLY FAST!!! I finished paying her at the end of May, and she sent the costume May 31st. I received it on June 3rd. Super quick!!
When I opened the package, I was in literal tears. The cosplay I've wanted to do since the release of FFX-2 was finally in my hands. I cried and admired the stitching, the quality, the vibrant colors....The DD team know exactly what they're doing. She deserves all the recognition in the world, my sincerest gratitude, and I am happy to say I also gained a friend out of the experience. I planned another cosplay with her already; she can have ALL MY MUNNY! ;-)

Pros: Great Communication, AMAZING quality, Great turn-around time, Provides pictures, Asks for customer input/preference

Cons: ZIP!

Final Grade: A++++ times IFINITY!
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