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I also have a thread open in the marketplace, but figured I best drop it here too. I spend a lot of time this winter learning (to the point that i quit WoW!) and now that I have a reasonable handle on what I'm doing, I'm going prop-crazy. I currently have 2 clubs, a staff, a spear, an FF7:CC Shuriken and 2 swords on my bench and each is moving along pretty quickly compared to my learning pieces. Doing this for myself has been a ton of fun--frustrating at times, but a blast.

I work with semi-professional materials--sintra, apoxie sculpt, wood, silicone molds, urethane resin, fiberglass. My parents are both union contract painters and drywall finishers--being picky and good finish work is in my blood, cuz I swear that's where my eye for details comes from.. I'm looking to expand my portfolio beyond Sword Art Online and Final Fantasy XI, so anything goes! Any new experiences welcome!

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