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Originally Posted by MagicianCelemis View Post
Great to see somebody starting up the Hetalia gathering for AM2 this year!
If you need anybody for the Hetaila Panel/Cosplay Dating Game, I'd love to participate as either China or Austria~

For the Hetalia gathering, I may cosplay as Austria this year~ (unless I change my mind when the time comes near)

BTW, last year (AM2 2012), there were actually 2 Hetalia gatherings held on separate days: Day 2, June 16 and Day 3, June 17. Do you think it's possible to hold 2 gatherings again?

I'm not quite sure why there were 2 separate gatherings, since clearly Day 2 had a larger group than Day 3, but the gatherings themselves were still small in scale--I don't see why they had to be separated, in terms of group size, though I understand that some people can't make it on certain days...[Reference:]
I was also one of the original hosts (panel and gatherings) from year 1 of am2 so im glad to be back in control haha. Thank you for the offer, I may contact you about the dating game (we might need people to audition for it) but for the regular hetalia panel we already have a cast picked out, sorry!

It is entirely possible to hold 2 gatherings! Alas I will be unable to do so. My plan is to head this gathering on day 2 because it will be on the same day as the hetalia panel with the same cast as year 1. Day 3 I will be in One Piece cosplay as I cohost the dating game panel so I can't exactly run a second hetalia gathering. I myself am unsure why exactly there were 2 of them (since i wasnt part of organizing anything for 2012 as I was busy with the hetastuck dating game panel, i suspect it might have something to do with a hetalia panel not run by my group being hosted on day 3??? dont quote me on that though.) but if someone else wants to step up and plan with me theyre more than welcome to head a day 3 gathering and i'll just add it to here and keep track of it to make things easier on everyone since 2 seperate boards for 2 different days would just get hectic!
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