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Originally Posted by lithe-fider View Post
I was considering 4:30 but yea just don't wanna confuse people now and will stick with the original time at 5pm Thanks <33

And yea it takes me like 3 hours to get into my Pitch makeup *flop* such a production! Worth it though I love the character <33 (I'll be getting up at 8am sharp to get ready in time for my noon event) You do Pitch too right? (Or was it another rotg character?) Excited to see all the cosplays!
Alright! Sounds good!

And gosh the hours make me not look forward to Saturday morning, but if it is anything like Katsucon, I'll be out of the room by noon, too -and yes- I cosplay Pitch as well : 3

Anyway! Two more days! I actually leave tonight for New York because I want to actually visit the city for once (after three years of being in it, but not actually seeing it) Gunna be a good long trip tonight! Yay 12-ish hours on the road! >3>
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