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Plushie Workshop - Lolita

I run Plushie workshops at cons here in Ontario. Normally my cosplay reflects or is related to what I am teaching. It adds to the experiece and makes it easier for the students to know who to ask questions to or call me over for help.

I don't want to offend or make anyone think Lolita is cosplay (I truly love the fashion)...but I was asked for an upcoming con to do something to tie into Lolita and thought it would be fitting to dress in Lolita Fashion. Would this be concidered wrong or rude, as it isn't my normal dress?

On another note, I was thinking to narrow the workshop to Sweet Lolita so we could make felt plushies. My idea was candy, cupcakes...general Kawaii things. Then I would hotglue to a hair pins finding when the student was finished. This is really a rough idea so Any feedback or ideas would be SO helpful!

Thank you all in advance!
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