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Originally Posted by DeeperBlue View Post
My hair is auburn, about 5.5 inches long with 2 and 3 inch choppy layers everywhere, with asymmetrical sideswept bangs that hit below my eyes on the left side and a thick rattail at the nape of my neck that goes to the bottom of my shoulder blades. It's parted further back on the right side of my head, which I keep fairly flat, while the wider left side is poofed up slightly. I split the bangs into roughly 3 parts and define the layers with wax, occasionally flicking the tips out with a straightener, windy-hair style if I have the time. It's kinda VK-ish, and I like it a lot. ^.^
You sure can paint a picture with words, dear. That must take FOREVER to style. How long usually, from getting out of the shower (assuming you do that in the morning) does it take?

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