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Originally Posted by urban_midnight View Post
I'd say Titan shares a lot of similarities with shows like Code Geass and One Piece etc. as they both have a large, varied cast with most of them getting some good development in (so far). I already have several competing for my favorite but I haven't decided yet XD The pacing is GREAT, you don't feel like things are being rushed through and yet it still keeps your attention. I understand that some people might feel reluctant to watch it because it is getting a lot of hype, but honestly I do think that this is a REALLY good anime.
I haven't been up to date with One Piece, but I've seen Code Geass. Towards the end of CG, yes it's a bit similar to SnK, but the rest of it isn't really. Code Geass is more similar t Death Note and LotGH, where it's this strategic type of fight going on. I think SnK is more similar to Gurren Lagann, they're both about the human race being forced into hiding and up against something incredibly powerful. Though I think SnK is by far (from only 10 episodes) much (much) better than Gurren Lagann. I agree with the pacing and attention grabber, every episode always keeps me in into it, similar to S;G, but S;G fell off for me halfway, hopefully it doesn't happen to SnK.

It is incredibly hype, I can't avoid the anime anywhere because it's everywhere. Now pizza huts getting a piece of it. I think some people rather wait till it ends so they can watch the whole series in one go.
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