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Originally Posted by BetwixtReality View Post
l'd love to join this! I'll probably cosplay Abuto or Isaburo Sasaki, most likely though Abuto since that one is already done! Can't wait for this!
Awesome! Got you updated on the list.

Originally Posted by Mr.CosplayHero View Post
LOL This is Kaitoki-- Just changed accounts. And ya' can count me bein' Sakata Gintoki for the gatherin'!
Nice, we can be nose picking together hahaha.

Originally Posted by karenmelx3 View Post
I will be cosplaying Gedomaru for this! > v < ) bbbb
Gedomaru is super cute! Looking forward to that, got you on the list.

Originally Posted by rinnyai View Post
I'll be cosplaying Kyuubei!
Got it!
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