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Originally Posted by Finesse View Post
You sure can paint a picture with words, dear. That must take FOREVER to style. How long usually, from getting out of the shower (assuming you do that in the morning) does it take?
It's actually not as difficult as it sounds ^^ Umm, I blowdry/straighten my hair at night, so there's a task I'm spared from doing in the morning ^^ In the morning though, I have to re-straighten my hair since it's naturally curly, then I just rub some Gatsby wax through it, defining any layers, then finish with hairspray. Let's see, that's about 10 minutes, 15 if I flick it with a straightener. I honestly blame the Gatsby for it being so easy, I tried using other waxes and it did indeed take forever and didn't look as good.
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