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All right, I'm gearing up to do my first real craftsmanship entry. I have questions about my rank and how to determine it. I am pretty sure that I fall under "Journeyman", but I'd like to get confirmation on it. It's not really something I paid close attention to since I haven't really competed for craftsmanship before.

I've been cosplaying on and off since 2003. In total I've made 20-25 costumes, many of which include parts from thrift stores (pants, tights, dress shirts, etc.). I didn't start paying attention to my craftsmanship until probably 2009. I'm mostly self-taught (with people helping me along the way). I've won a "Judge's Award" from a small convention for a costume that did not get pre-judged for craftsmanship. I just did a walk-on and the judges (who were sharing cases of beer during the show and catcalled my friend and I during our walk-on) gave me an award because I was a girl in a leather dress. I don't personally count it, but I did technically get something? It's the only award I've won for a costume. The only other award I've ever gotten was for a skit, and I don't think that's relevant for a walk-on entry.

Then, the costume I am planning to enter is an armor costume. It's my first suit of armor. Very little sewing was involved. So even though I have experience with sewing costumes, I'm a novice at armor costumes. Almost everything I've done with this costume has been new territory for me. I've had to learn the different techniques from the very beginning, just for this costume. I know Journeyman means you have some experience, but I do not really have experience with an armor costume. (I attempted to make a simple chest piece out of craft foam once, but lol, it was very poorly done. Had no clue what I was doing.) At the same time, I feel like it would be wrong to enter as a Novice when I have been in the hobby for 10 years, haha.

I'm pretty sure that the fact I've been sewing for years makes me a Journeyman, but I'm curious to know what the general consensus of the definition of my experience is.

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