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Originally Posted by Myzanaki View Post
So I happened accros this thread, and I am really intrigued since I want to do some minor prosthetic and paint (ears, hands etc) for a steam punk character im working on

I am a little confused on the actual application of the product itself, specifically with powdering. Are you saying just use baby power or something similar, or are there specific powers to use?

Also how well does PAX apply to prosthetics such as latex horns, ear tips, etc (I managed to pick these up for less than 50% original pricing on Halloween clearance)
I just recently began my exploration with PAX as well and so far I am LOVING IT.

Myzanaki: here is a video of a Miss Martian cosplayer who uses PAX. 9s

That point shows her applying her PAX. She talks about foam brushes, but that is completely up to you. The powder can be anything from babypowder to ben nye neutral set. I've tested both - they worked equally well for me. Once it's dry you just shake that on and then dust it off with a brush or however you like. (I've also heard of people often using loose powder eyeshadows to enhance the color.)

PAX is first and foremost a special effects adhesive. It is meant to adhere prosthetics to the skin. This lady uses it to attach laytex pieces to her. 9s

Therefore I believe you could use it to apply to yourself as well as paint the pieces if that's what you were looking to do.

I hope this helped!
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