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At the moment, I'm redoing a couple of things from the A-Kon we just finished (24) now that I know what I need to fix. Plus, I'm going back to school for the summer starting Monday, so I'm waiting to see how my workload affects my free time.

I think for next A-Kon, my plans are tentatively:

* Eternal Sailor Pluto, Sailor Moon
* Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail (hopefully by that point Funi will have released many more eps here in the United States), Robe of Yuen/Raitei no Yoroi
* Cosmos, Final Fantasy Dissidia

I may potentially bring back another in my menagerie of 'old school' cosplay depending on what groups are forming. I'm thinking Athena from Saint Seiya might make a comeback next year since she's been on 'vacation' in my closet.
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