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Originally Posted by Akahime View Post
^^^ OMG DUDE! That's freaking awesome! I mean, if it's not too much work, but still, I think that's really great! If I had all 300, I would do photoshoots with them constantly. LMAO
Unfortunately, it is gonna take TONS of work. I've only Photoshopped about 10% or less of the compendium and I haven't even downloaded pics of the rest just yet.

I'm glad he doesnt have a timeline for completion, though I'm persona-lly aiming for the end of August, provided other cosplay plans don't get in the way.

BTW, I might have over-exaggerated on the 300+ card part. I think it's actually closer to 200. The selling price is around $300 ($1.50 x 200 cards).
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